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A SWISS GROUP AG is an international corporation focused on the global development of the newest bioregenerative technologies in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine. Based in Lucerne (Switzerland), our company is actively involved in research, evolution and distribution of the most innovative products which constantly prove their efficiency in Swiss Laboratories.

After thoroughly studying the Anti-Aging market’s requirements during 10 years, A Swiss Group’s Scientific Director Dr. Dorina Donici has elaborated a revolutionary way to keep youthfulness, combined with a kind approach to the needs of every patient: the concept LUXEFACE&LUXEBODY is the today’s leader in Switzerland among all skin thread lifting methods.

Portrait of young, healthy and beautiful woman (plastic surgery, medicine, spa, cosmetics and visage concept)


Longstanding research and strong cooperation with the doctors/professors from Europe, USA and patients` demand for the unique LUXEFACE&LUXEBODY method, made us create training centers in France, Republic of Korea, Switzerland, Italy, Russian Federation and CIS countries. A Swiss Group AG has organised thousands of workshops worldwide for 5 years, due to numerous requests from our customers.

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