Anniversary: 10 years of Luxeface & Luxebody concept!

The method of face and body thread rejuvenation – Luxeface & Luxebody celebrates 10 years of innovation. The concept was conceived in 2010 by Dr. Dorina Donici with the support of A Swiss Group as a result of numerous scientific studies.


Over the years, the technique has become the gold standard of threadlifting for the leading clinics from Europe, Russia, CIS countries and Middle East. More than 3 000 Luxeface & Luxebody workshops for doctors have been held worldwide.


There at least 9 reasons why Luxeface & Luxebody became the gold standard of thread lifting:


1) Fundamental scientific base.

The range of threads were developed in accordance with the concept Luxeface & Luxebody that is focused on tissue bio-regeneration. The structure of threads, materials, depth of their introduction and the distance between threads were carefully studied.
As a result, the author of the method, Dr. Dorina Donici – plastic surgeon and scientific director of A Swiss Group – developed an optimal thread insertion technique in order to get a natural and long-lasting rejuvenation effect.


2) Use on multiple zones.

The wide range of threads Luxeface & Luxebody allows its use on different areas of the face and body. They are used for abdominal rejuvenation, lifting of hips, arms, area above the knees and in many other zones. Finally patients receive not only aesthetic effect, but also a therapeutical: threads insertion stimulates the microcirculation and oftenly ligaments pain goes in remission.


3) Absolute safe.

Luxeface & Luxebody threads are made from materials that have been successfully used in surgery for over 25 years – PDO and PCL. They do not cause rejection and after 6-36 months they are naturally excreted from the body without leaving fibrosis and toxins in the intercellular space.


4) Instant effect.

With the Luxeface & Luxebody technique patients see the result of rejuvenation immediately after the procedure. In the next three months it will only increase.


5) Short rehabilitation.

The Luxeface & Luxebody insertion technique is a minimally invasive procedure and is performed under local anesthesia. Due to less traumatic needles and cannulas, the rehabilitation period is from 2 to 5 days.


6) Works even in “difficult” zones.

For the Luxeface & Luxebody method we also conceived special threads suitable for delicate areas like neckline, crow’s feet, chest and inner thighs.


7) Triple effect.

The Luxeface & Luxebody threads simultaneously lift, restore the natural tissue volume and start the regeneration process from the inside. In addition to the lifting effect, the skin brightens, pigmentation disappears, turgor improves and the skin glows.


8) No threads contouring.

Luxeface & Luxebody are not visible even in the thinnest and most delicate areas, thanks to the insertion technique and thread structure.


9) Long lasting effect.

The threads form a new collagen matrix under the skin and continue to work even after their absorption. The anti-aging effect can last up to 5 years


We are proud that hundreds of doctors and thousands of patients across the world loved Luxeface & Luxebody thread rejuvenation treatment. Start to a new decade of innovations and great achievements!