Art of Successful Aging

For the first time in the world were developed anti-age recipes based on nano-phospholipids, due to which the ingredient penetration into the tissue is higher than 85%. So, using low doses, we can obtain important and fast clinical results, especially in restoring liver cells and endocrine glands, cholesterol decreasing, reparation of neutral and immune system, regeneration of blood vessels endothelium.

ANTI-AGE EXPERT products contain nanophospholipids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty, acids, herbal extracts, etc.
– all of them based on synergism and ethiopathological principe, which allows a fast clinical effect.

Last 10-15 years we are seeing a revolutionary scientific progress in global anti-age medicine, gerontology and longevity.

It has already become normal to practice a healthy lifestyle, to revise the diet and body alkalinization, the physical activity and sleep, by respecting the daily chronobiological regime. However, it is no easy to rebalance metabolism, detoxify the body and eliminate heavy metals, to balance the hormonal status, the intestinal flora and the immune system. For many of us in the era of globalization is difficult or even impossible to live in ideal conditions without stress, in ecologically clean environment, organic food, etc.

So we need help!

To rebalance people’s health, companies worldwide are developing dietary supplements, anti-aging supplements, products aimed to increase and strengthen health longevity. For doctors and even for patients, is very difficult to choose the most efficacy, risk free products and the optimal cost / effect ratio for:

Endocrine system regeneration
Antioxidant therapy
Heavy metals removal
Sleep restoring
Telomerase support
Restoration of cell membranes and cholesterol
Liver steatosis
Detox therapy
Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
Substitutive hormonal therapy without risk
Phytohormone therapy
Chronic fatigue, thyroid, etc.

Moreover, the treatment must be comfortable and with an individual approach for each patient. Excess or deficiency of many components of dietary supplements may cause new diseases. For this reason, patient’s and doctor’s opinion about dietary supplements are contradictory.

For the first time in the world, Dr. Dorina Donici and Dr. Claude Dalle developed the AntiAge Expert concept and unique anti-aging formulas completely restoring organism, starting from cell membranes.

Dr. Dorina Donici is Gynecologist, Anti-Age practitioner, Plastic Surgeon, Phd, Scientific Director of A Swiss Group and the President of Russian Society of Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine (RUSIAM). After having received more than 30 european diplomas (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy etc.), Dr. Dorina Donici developed the biological way to keep youth and health: Anti-Aging & Bioregenerative Medicine. More then 10 years of clinical and scientific studies brought her an international acclaim from anti-aging experts.

Dr. Claude Dalle is a world leader in Anti-Aging Medicine, President of World Society Interdisciplinary AntiAging Medicine (WOSIAM) and President of French Association in Anti-Aging Medicine. During more than 30 year, Dr. Claude Dalle conceived a revolutionary method able to diagnostic and treat the aging, which prove its efficacy until today. After having seen thousands amazing results, Dr. Claude Dalle has launched the book « Practical guide in Anti-Aging Medicine», that became a great success worldwide due to its polyvalent approaches.

After 30 years of experience acquired in anti-aging medicine, Dr. Claude Dalle and Dr. Dorina Donici formed an international expert team in anti-aging medicine, aimed to develop anti-age treatment formulas, based on fondamental scientific researches.

These formulas can be perceived as anti-age classical medicine and are produced in high level scientific laboratories from EUROPE, RUSSIA, KOREA, JAPAN etc.

We also dispose of more than 20 cream combinations that contains peptides, antioxidants, nanophospholipids and hormones:
Estrogen & progesterone &
Estrogen & DHEA
Progesterone & DHEA
Estrogens or progesterone or
testosterone alone

Innovation and know-how underlying Anti-Age Expert program became open for doctors and patients, due to A Swiss Group contribution that supports ANTI-AGE EXPERT project and helps doctors to raise their performance in global anti-age diagnoses and treatments. The project aims to integrate classic anti-aging formulas at expert level in hormonal therapy, detox and bioregeneration. The project is supported by several international scientific communities and in particular the WOSIAM (World Society of Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine) , RUSIAM (Russian Society of Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine) etc.

Treatment Steps

The first step in anti-age treatment is cell membranes repair (phospholipid layer), body detoxification and protein regeneration, intestinal microflora restauration and rebalancing of magnesium & minerals intake.

The second step consists in hormonal rebuilding by regenerative treatment or TSH.

It is scientifically proven that biologically active substances fail to accumulate in target cells because of cellular membrane modification (alteration of phospholipids) and consequently, the effectiveness of many drugs and supplements is 20% lower.

For this reason, ANTI AGE EXPERT program includes revolutionary and unique product (nanophospholipids) that transfers 85-90% of biologically active product no only in cell (overcoming barrier membrane), but also into subcellular areas such as mitochondria (e.g., for the prevention and treatment of so-called mitochondrial.