Art of Successful Aging


The Anti-Age Expert project marks e new era in medical field. It helps doctors to completely revise their approach to patient management & treatment by improving their interdisciplinary knowledge and implementing appropriate tools for a successful practice. Doctors and patients from all over the world are looking more and more for technologies able to prevent and treat age-related diseases. But no one technology works good alone. More than 30 years of practice of our experts showed that for getting a maximum effect doctors need to combine – high and multidisciplinary knowledge in anti-aging and bioregenerative medicine, advanced tools & technologies with a synergical curative effect and a community of successful colleagues to be with – all that it is the key for constant professional development. Anti-Age Expert is connecting all 3 aspects.


A doctor with anti-age background is able to identify patient’s disorders and hidden problems, personalize his treatment, solve his long-standing health issues and significantly improve the life quality, regardless of gender and age. Active longevity is the main goal of anti-aging medicine. Longevity is influenced by many aspects like patient’s lifestyle, doctor’s multidisciplinary competences, patient management as well as the quality of prescribed treatment and medicines.

Anti-Age Expert links all elements into a single project aimed to offer new development opportunities to doctors of all specialties and to upgrade their daily practice. The project consists of three main components:

  1. Anti-Age Expert School – a non-stop teaching program for doctors of various specialties;
  2. A three-level support system for doctors – conceived to support and enhance doctor’s practice by receiving professional advices from his/her colleagues in difficult clinical cases;
  3. Access to A Swiss Pharmacy – by being a part of Anti-Age Expert Community, doctors are allowed to order personalized medicines for patients (only after School graduation).

Anti-Age Expert was founded by Dr. Dorina Donici with the support of A Swiss Group more than 7 years ago. Today our community counts more than 5 000 doctors of 24 specialties.


Dr. Dorina Donici

Founder of the Anti-Age EXPERT International project;
Obstetrician-gynecologist, bioregenerative and anti-aging medicine practitioner;
Plastic surgeon;
Scientific Director of A Swiss Group;
Vice president of the scientific symposium on regenerative medicine at Oxford University; President of the Russian Association of Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine (RUSIAM).





The Anti-Age Expert School is an immersion in the latest scientific developments and researches in anti-aging medicine but also in fundamental mechanisms of human body ageing starting from cell level. Study programs are based on more than 30 years of clinical and scientific experience. One of the main advantages of Anti-Age Expert is that acquired knowledge are immediately applicable in practice. Here doctors learn from world’s leading experts how to prevent, diagnose and treat disorders’ origin in accordance with latest technologies.

The Anti-Age Expert School has 2 main programs: Modular and Expert level. Both are conceived for doctors of various specialties, as the given information concerns all medical fields. Modular School comprises 12 modules during 1 year and spotlight in detail all mechanisms involved in body aging: oxidative stress, glycation, methylation, 3 detox phases, menopause/andropause, gut disorders, neurodegeneration etc. Starting from June 2020 modules are available online. In addition to modules on anti-aging, there are regularly uploaded thematic courses. The first thematic course is dedicated to viral infections and Covid-19.

In 2019, the School was accredited at University of Medicine from Paris, and doctors have already the opportunity to get a French state diploma in anti-aging medicine after graduation.

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Medical Community Anti-Age Expert counts more than 5000 physicians. For an effective co-working and communication, we have established a three-level support system: after graduation each doctor can choose 2 anti-age experts as mentors. The mentor’s role is to guide and support doctors in their practice, especially in difficult clinical cases. The philosophy of the community is that nobody should be left alone with a problem. Inside this system, doctors can easily organize online meetings and help each other in patient’s diagnostic & treatment.


Knowledge, community and working tools – all this make our project unique. Anti-age recipes are a know-how in the field of anti-aging and bioregenerative medicine. For the first time in the world Anti-Age Expert with the support of A Swiss Pharm developed a range of exclusive products based on nanophospholipids, thanks to which the penetration of the ingredients exceeds 85%. Even with small dosages, we can get a quick clinical effect, especially by restoring mitochondrial function, liver cells, immune system, oxidative stress control and other essential processes. Actually, we count around 100 formulas in capsules, creams, spray and suppositories and more than 800 exclusive ingredients for individual recipe compounding. Due to an optimal quality/price ratio, products turned into bestsellers. Here are some of them:

Oxidative Stress
Telomeres increase
Nano Glutathion
Chronic Fatigue
Sleep Support
Dental Probiotic
Macrophage Modulator
Vit.D & DMSO
Detox complex
Heavy Metal Detox
Hormone Replacement Therapy
and many more…

If you are a doctor and want to study anti-aging medicine in Anti-Age Expert School, we will be happy to assist you. For more information and for registration click here.