Our concept focuses on…


As your skin is a luxury, we care about it by giving you the foremost bio-reparative range, certified by the most performing Swiss Laboratories.


A team of big experts in anti-age medicine, headed by our Scientific Director Dr. Dorina Donici, is conceiving especially for you the newest & safest technologies in aesthetic medicine.


We like to exceed our clients’ expectations by our product’s authenticity and efficiency. Thanks to our nanotechnologies used in the manufacturing process, our products are unique!

In the mind of an expert


Scientific Director of
A Swiss Group
Anti-age practitioner
Plastic Surgeon
President of Russian
Society of Interdisciplinary AntiAging Medicine (RUSIAM)

«The aesthetic medicine’s market innovates every year: new concepts, new products and new trends. The real issue appears when you have to choose the greatest one, because surely, you and your patients deserve the best. During 10 years, I studied the newest aesthetic technologies and I understood that you need something better and more. At first I am a Doctor, but secondly I am a patient too, and i have judged everything from both angles. Before implementing a new technique I always think: “WHAT and HOW would I do it to myself?” And I found the answer.

With the support of swiss laboratories, I launched the concept LUXEFACE&LUXEBODY, which has un unexpected success in leader clinics from the entire world ! My aim was to give you the most safe, efficient, non surgical and painless treatment method, that you can do in a short time but with a maximal effect. After 2 years of clinical study, it is already done. But A Swiss Group concept doesn’t stops here: all our products are conceived with a special system that enable to combine each to other (in a certain order) during a treatment and to adapt it according to the patient’s individuality.

Actually, we are among the top international leaders in nonsurgical skin rejuvenation and the customers demand increase substantially all around the world. The medicine of tomorrow borns here.»


Your sincerely,
Dr. Dorina DONICI

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