LUXEFACE & LUXEBODY is the world’s first technique of non-surgical skin rejuvenation for face and body, developed in 2010 by Dr. Dorina Donici. It is one of the most innovative treatments in aesthetic medicine based on scientific study.


LUXEFACE provides the skin rejuvenation, whitening and facelift by using absorbable original PDO & PLLA & PCL threads.

How it works?

Using a special ultra-thin needle and cannula, we introduce the thread in subcutaneous layer of the face skin. The depth of threads insertion, the distance between threads, the number and type of yarn were been carefully studied by Dr. Dorina Donici during LUXEFACE&LUXEBODY procedures.

Our method is

1. Regeneration
2. Skin lifting
3. Volume restore of tissue, fixation and correction of wrinkles


• mono-filament threads for regeneration (PDO)
✓ lifting threads (PDO & PLLA & PCL) :
– multidirectional cutting cog (velvet threads classic and spiral)
– multidirectional anchor threads
✓ fixing & volume restore – the advanced spring and unidirectional cog threads (special cutting, PDO&PCL

Modelling zones

Modelling zones

After the treatment, the rehabilitation period is 1-2 days only.

✓ No risk of allergy & threads ejection
✓ No damaging of facial nerves
✓ No asymmetry and skin roughness
✓ No dimpling and scar

LUXEFACE is a safe treatment and fundamentally different from other methods of facial rejuvenation using absorbable threads.


1. Lifting Treatment Evolution

The duration and quality of lifting effect depend of the thread insertion technique, diameter of thread and cog’s quality.
Ligature lifting LUXEFACE proved the strongest and long-lasting lifting effect.
Our Multidirectional SPIRAL Cog Threads have string stable COG, due to very high quality of PDO & PLLA and special characteristics of cog cutting (cut angle; thickness of incisions; the number, direction and distance between cogs).

2. PDO Twin Multidirectional barbs threads (anchor)

Our new multidirectional anchor threads have 180 double barbs for more effectiveness and easy anchoring.

Effective lifting and successful clinical uses are due to a 3 times greater anchoring capacity & tensile strength in comparison with cut-threads, that offer an effective lifting by not being cutting while insertion step.

2.1 Tensile Strength Comparison : LUXEFACE Anchor vs Cutting thread

2.2 Comparing LUXEFACE Anchor vs M cog

Ref: Tested with a Optical microscope with 10 magnifying power

LUXEFACE Anchor 17G x 17cm
x The cog is very thick and the distance between each cog is wide and spiral type.
x The thickness is not constant and the thread is not straight.
x There are only 2-3 cogs per 1 cm.

LUXEFACE Anchor 18G x 16cm
✓ The thickness of one wedge is thin and it has symmetry and more dense form.
✓ The thickness of thread is stretched relatively constant and straight.
✓ There are 6-8 wedges per 1 cm, so it shows uniform pulling force.

2.3 Benefits – Duration

USP 2-0

Cutting Thread
USP 1-0

3. New Spiral Multidirectional (4D) COG Threads – PDO (CANNULA

✓ Excellent & long-lasting effect
✓ Easy insertion
✓ No risk of thread contouring
✓ No risk of thread prolapse
✓ No risk of skin deformation
✓ No side effect

4. Advanced Spring threads

Spring classic threads

PDO Spring Classic threads can keep the elastic force due to a special shape. The advanced spring PDO threads increase the volume and tissue fixation, induce the correction of nasolabial, marionette and other folders. Advanced PDO Spring smoothes out the mimetic wrinkles (periorbitalis, perioralis, corrugator area) because of muscles relaxation. Our PDO Spring Classic threads produce more collagen & elastin and skin tightening.

Spring eye

Spring eye is the best solution for threads blepharoplasty. The special PDO mono threads (cannula type) produce the optimal lifting & regenerative treatment, neovascularization, neocolagenesis, whitening of skin without side effect.


The special developed LUXEBODY treatment using PDO threads, cannulas & PRP has proved superior result in lifting, rejuvenation, whitening and reshaping of body contours in 1-2 sessions. « Orange peel » is smoothed out, adipose tissue is reduced and the skin is perfectly lifted.

Luxebody Advantages:

✓ Safety
✓ No risk of allergy or threads rejection
✓ Minimum invasive treatment
✓ Minimum recovery period
✓ Threads are 100% biodegradable (CO2 & H20)
✓ Threads are not visible and not felt
✓ The impressive results of body rejuvenation are longlasting
✓ Can be combined with other methods of body reshaping

LUXEBODY forms the rejuvenation matrix, restores microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, decreases hypoxia, increases lymph & microcirculation an induces the collagen & elastic synthesis.

Modelling zones


✓ decreases the cellulite & body volume
✓ decreases appetite
✓ rejuvenation & lifting of skin
✓ increases skin elasticity & body contours
✓ creates new body contour

Before & after LUXEFACE & LUXEBODY treatment

Before & after impression…

« I never thought that skin aging can be so stressful for me. As my skin is very sensitive, I was looking for the most safe and atraumatic method to lift and revitalize my look. When I developed LUXEFACE & LUXEBODY method, I understood that it is what i need. 
Only after 2 treatments, my skin is completely changed and i’m feeling 10 years younger ! I’m so happy ! »

  • Elena, 58 years old
  • ph2-1
    Before & after impression…

    « I find the Luxeface technique magic. I did the 3 treatment steps according to Luxeface protocol and my neck changed amazingly. The rehabilitation period was only 3 days. »

  • Olga Z.
  • ph1-1
    Before & after impression…

    « My chin was a big problem for me but I was not ready for surgery. I tried thread lifting with Luxeface method and I am very impressed: the result is quick, natural and without any scar. What could be better ? »

  • Maria S.
  • before
    Before & after impression…

    « Cellulite was my biggest problem from all the time. I have tried a lot of methods to fight it, but no one had long-lasting result. I thought cellulite is forever, until I discovered LUXEFACE&LUXEBODY method. After two procedures, my skin is so smooth and soft ! I also loosed 4 cm around my hip and now I feel very confident when i wear my swimsuit. It is amazing ! »

  • Maria, 48 years old