The intelligent concept of skin transformation…

PRESLIFTING treatment generates the growth of new fibroblasts by reproduction from autologue small cells & fibroblasts, using a special rejuvenation solution and an innovative drug delivery system.

The system contains 140 very closely located acupuncture needles. Due to the high quality of closely locates vertical acupuncture channel and its hyperfine structure, the product penetration into the dermis by Preslifting is several times higher than by mesofils/mesoroller or another shot methods. The minimal trauma of the basal membrane and the absence of edema in the skin allows a fast and deep drug penetration in high quantities.

How it works?

Due to active ingredients of the Preslifting solution and dermis tunneling by acupuncture needles, stromal stem cells migrate from the subcutaneous layer to the skin. Further, being subjected to the polydeoxyribonucleotide (PN), stream stem cells are converted into new fibroblasts. Preslifting allows the skin transformation into its own factory of fibroblasts production and other skin elements. For this reason, the result can be seen after the first treatment and its dynamic increase. The result is equivalent or sometimes excess the transplant of the body’s own fibroblasts.

Feel the difference…

Drugs penetration after Preslifting treatment

Confocal microscopy of the skin (LSM meta 510, Carl Zeiss, Germany) confirms the high level of product distribution to the kin by Preslifting and an expressed regenerating effect of the dermis with the absorption of the scar tissue.



Solution Composition

The specially developed LUXEFACE solution contains polydeoxyribonucleotide (PN), mechanic growth factor (MGF), oligopeptides, vitamins, collagen and 2 % of hyaluronic acid.

1. Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PN) – salmon DNA

✓ POLYDEOXYRIBONUCLEOTIDE (PN), activates DNA synthesis, increasing the cellular proliferation and formation of new fibroblasts from the stream stem cells (sub-dermal fat tissue).

✓ PN increases the tissue metabolism and the cellular energy exchange contributing to restoration of the connective tissue structure & tropism.

✓ PN induces the collagen synthesis and new skin formation. It is being prescribed for skin)graft, burn, and skin care in European area as a medicine.

PN is absorbed by injection and skin application, and is inactivated by digestion (oral delivery). Higher concentration of polydeoxyribonucleotide is necessary in process of tissue formation and cell division.

Fibroblast proliferation induced by polydeoxyribonucleotide

2. Mechanical growth factors (MGF)

Mechanical growth factors promote the division of « sleeping » fibroblasts and myocytes due to
activation of growth receptors.

3. Hyaluronic acid

✓ Maintenance of hydration into the skin

✓ Structural function and cell signal transduction

✓ Scarless wound healing

✓ Antioxidant: Removal of Oxygen Free Radical

✓ Inflammatory skin disease treatment

✓ Photoaged skin treatment


1. Skin anesthesia & disinfection

2. PRESLIFTING tunnelization ( 5000 – 7000 channels) in the skin and basal membrane. Ejection of large number of growth factors and start of stream cells migration to the dermis.

3. Application of 1,5 – 2,0 cc of PRESLIFTING rejuvenation solution. The solution penetrate deeply during 3-5 minutes due to a lot of derma tunnels.

4. Cooling mask for 15 min.

Treatment areas


• Aged skin changes

• Hyper-pigmentation

• Scars

• Enlarged pores

• Acne

• Rosacea

• Stretching marks

• Wrinkles

• Skin elasticity

• Autoimmune skin diseases

Result :

✓ Immediately lifting effect
✓ Whitening effect
✓ Face skin regeneration
✓ Facial muscles toning

✓ Wrinkles and folds reducing
✓ Scars and stretching marks resolving
✓ Hyper-pigmentation removal
✓ Surface aligning

Before & After

Before & after impression…

« I never thought that skin aging can be so stressful for me. As my skin is very sensitive, I was looking for the most safe and atraumatic method to lift and revitalize my look. When I developed LUXEFACE & LUXEBODY method, I understood that it is what i need. 
Only after 2 treatments, my skin is completely changed and i’m feeling 10 years younger ! I’m so happy ! »

  • Elena, 58 years old
  • ph2-1
    Before & after impression…

    « I find the Luxeface technique magic. I did the 3 treatment steps according to Luxeface protocol and my neck changed amazingly. The rehabilitation period was only 3 days. »

  • Olga Z.
  • ph1-1
    Before & after impression…

    « My chin was a big problem for me but I was not ready for surgery. I tried thread lifting with Luxeface method and I am very impressed: the result is quick, natural and without any scar. What could be better ? »

  • Maria S.
  • before
    Before & after impression…

    « Cellulite was my biggest problem from all the time. I have tried a lot of methods to fight it, but no one had long-lasting result. I thought cellulite is forever, until I discovered LUXEFACE&LUXEBODY method. After two procedures, my skin is so smooth and soft ! I also loosed 4 cm around my hip and now I feel very confident when i wear my swimsuit. It is amazing ! »

  • Maria, 48 years old