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Anti-Age Expert We gathered more than 30 years of scientific and clinical experience in holistic anti-aging medicine.

Anti-Age Expert is an international professional ecosystem for doctors of various specialties who study and practice anti-aging medicine. We provide the key tools for a successful medical practice and continuous professional development, such as: e-learning programs based on latest scientific data together with world’s leading experts, a digital mentoring system for an efficient knowledge application, IT-tools for patients’ check-up and management according to anti-age protocols, virtual pharmacy access and many more. Actually, the Anti-Age Expert community gathers more than 10,000 doctors from Europe, Russia and the CIS, the Middle East, the USA and Australia. The International School Anti-Age Expert is a partner of UPEC Medical University (Paris, France) since 2019.


We strive to improve people’s life quality and longevity by educating a new generation of health professionals able to prevent and manage age-related diseases. We provide doctors with latest scientific data and well-structured knowledge, as well as with practical tools for a holistic diagnostic approach and treatment. Our community doctors are constantly upgrading their skills thanks to experienced mentors, medical experts and our innovative AI softs. Together we build a healthier world.


Physicians of various specialties

Our community counts over 10,000 physicians of 73 specialties from 28 different countries.


Hospitals & Clinics’ CEO

Here you will find innovative tools for your team in order to get better results and give additional value to your services.

Anti-Age Expert INCLUDES



Our learning system was conceived for all the physicians who are looking to receive the latest scientific data backed by efficient clinical recommendations without interrupting their professional activity. Educational programs are structured by levels and topics.



The e-platform connects our international medical community and provides 24/7 access to School’s content: courses, webinars, live streamings of real clinical cases, chats with colleagues, knowledge quizzes and other options.



Each new doctor joining our community is assigned a mentor who provides him with professional guidance and support. A mentor is an experienced physician who graduated from our advanced learning programs and has a successful practice.



Our medical community is assigned with exclusive access for Anti-Age Expert personalized medicines available by prescription. Actually there are over 200 ready formulas of medications in capsules, spray, drops, creams and powder that can be prescribed.



This is the first world’s virtual system for patient management in anti-aging medicine. The program is based on over 30 years of scientific and clinical experience of our experts.

Educational Programs

Expert School
Face to face meetings
Intensive courses twice a year

Advanced program on a specific medical topic

Suitable for physicians with more than 3 years of experience in anti-aging medicine

30 hours of lectures for each course:

  • Face-to-Face meeting only
  • Focus on new scientific data
  • Difficult clinical cases review & management
Modular School
Online learning program
12 Months

12 thematic modules during a year

Continuous learning starting from the basics

2240 hours of lectures during a year:

  • Online lectures available 24/7 and Face-to-Face meetings
  • Deep study of aging processes starting from cellular level
  • Clinical recommendations & treatment protocols

From 2019 the International School Anti-Age Expert became the partner of UPEC University (Paris, France) in order to support worldwide physicians to study and practice anti-aging medicine.

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Dorina Donici
25 years of experience
  • PhD, Plastic surgeon
  • Obstetrician-gynecologist
  • Anti-age medicine practitioner
  • Oncologist
  • Scientific director of A Swiss Group
  • Founder of Anti-Age Expert International School
  • Vice president of the World Society of Cosmetic Gynecology (WSCG)
Claude Dalle
  • Endocrinologist
  • Antiaging medicine specialist recognized by the European Academy of Sciences
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the World Association of Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSIAM)
  • Honorary President of RUSIAM
Alan Menzel
  • Leading scientist in the field of genetics, nutrigenetics, molecular biology, and metabolic biochemistry
  • Member of the research staff of the French Association of Nutritherapy and Nutrigenetics
  • Author of more than 250 scientific publications in PubMed (the largest medical electronic library)
Barbara Hersan
  • Professor
  • Plastic surgeon
  • Research advisor of AIME Paris congress
  • Esthetic and reparative genital surgery teacher at the Medical University UPEC
  • Founder and secretary general of the European Association of Genital Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery (EAGAMPS)
  • Employee of the French Academy of Surgery
  • Author of +100 scientific publications and co-author of 4 books
Antoine Khakim
  • Radiologist
  • Specialist in the field of interventional radiology and one of the leading European specialists in prostate vessel embolization
  • Consultant of Royal London Hospital (UK)
  • Expert in interventional oncological radiology at Institut Gustave Roussy (France)
  • Author of +50 scientific publications
Jean Paul Menengo
  • Professor
  • Maxillofacial surgeon
  • Head of the plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery department of Henri-Mondor hospital (Paris)
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Elena Andamova
Elena Andamova

Anti-aging medicine in the minds of many people, including some doctors, is associated with aging. For me, it begins at the stage of pregnancy planning. It starts from this stage! The quality of health, the life of each person is laid from the mother’s pre-pregnancy period. 

I call the Anti-Age Expert school a "closed cycle" school, because:
1. here you get unique, highly scientific and fundamental knowledge in clearly structured presentations in online or face-to-face courses;

2. you get access to a personalized drugs range, with a high degree of ingredients’ purification, with no side effects;

3. you learn to normalize body’s functioning starting from the cellular level;

4. your professional status as a doctor is changing, your authority is increasing thanks to great results, and your income is increasing too. 

I am so grateful for being part of this community!

Maria Maksimova
Maria Maksimova

The knowledge that I received from courses of anti-aging medicine, including Anti-Age Expert, allows me to successfully supervise patients with mental disorders that are are the result of various somatic diseases, as well as disorders of endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. In addition, I treat patients with chronic pain syndrome.

Actually, I also focus on the treatment of comorbid mental disorders and psychological support for patients with various viral diseases (chronic viral hepatitis, HIV, coronavirus COVID-19 infection).

Ksenia Shishkina
Ksenia Shishkina

Anti-aging medicine is an integrative, in-depth approach to the aging process of the cell as a unit of the whole body,  aimed to improve and prolong life quality.

Somatic knowledge, the basics of physiology and biochemical status, schemes for diagnosing and balancing metabolic disorders are systematically and multilaterally considered during the Anti-Age Expert schools.

All this helps me as a doctor to provide the highest quality level of care to my patients.

Understanding the principles of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of premature cellular aging, as well as the actions aimed to increase hormonal, mental and energy resources as a result of a timely examination, safe and effective correction of all imbalances in the body, helps to prevent or minimize the manifestations of diseases.

Anti-aging medicine cannot have standardized programs and solutions. An individual and unique preventive course of recovery and (or) treatment is developed for each patient, based on in-depth knowledge and experience.

I see my mission in that as many patients as possible learn to live their best life, keeping positivity and youth for many years.

Oksana Kalashnikova
Oksana Kalashnikova

My participation at Anti-Age Expert Schools made it possible to systematize the new knowledge and secrets of treatment, which were so generously shared by strong speakers. 

The received information has become a "roadmap" for my work with a unique knowledge in fundamental medical disciplines, the most valuable skills and algorithms for treating patients, and important diagnostic schemes containing new highlights without which it is impossible to be a modern specialist.

As a doctor of a very specific specialty, the accumulated medical experience and the knowledge gained in this school allow me to implement a truly personalized 5P approach  to each patient. It helps to prevent serious diseases at the earliest stages and to treat or to prevent such unpleasant phenomena as atrophy of the jaw bone tissue, loss of teeth, bad breath etc.

Today we know, based on the latest scientific data, that the problems of unhealthy teeth can cause disorders of the heart, kidneys, joints, brain - neurodegenerative diseases, and many others. Here we find real opportunities for the patient's treatment requiring an individual and interdisciplinary approach.

Oksana Filimonova
Oksana Filimonova

Anti-aging medicine is not only my lifestyle, the lifestyle of my whole family, but also my favorite job.

I founded an entire clinic with doctors of various specialties with an anti-aging approach.

I have been professionally growing and developing with the Anti-Age Expert school since its beginning. After having studied anti-aging medicine in different countries and institutions, I realized that the Anti-Age Expert school is the most advanced from all evidence-based courses. The fundamental principles that I have learned here become the basis for my work and I continuously get impressive results.

Alina Amirova
Alina Amirova

Anti-aging medicine helps me understand the causes of many skin conditions. Knowing this, you can prevent their appearance and heal the body as a whole.

That is why I joined Anti-Age Expert School. It provides all the tools for solving and preventing pathological conditions of the human body.

I am inspired when my patients' quality of life improves! An integrated approach to health slows down the aging process and makes people much happier.

Mikhail Sadovsky
Mikhail Sadovsky

People's life expectancy is constantly increasing, which leads to dramatic changes in our attitude towards the period of life, which was previously considered “the old age”.

The term anti-age is often understood as a set of cosmetic procedures for aesthetical signs of aging. In fact, this interpretation is partially wrong because everything starts from inside.

The main task of anti-aging medicine is to maintain the body's functions in an active condition throughout life. This requires new, in-depth knowledge of biochemistry and biomedicine. I found all this in Anti-Age Expert schools. Aging is considered a disease, and it can be, and most importantly, it must be treated! I see positive results and a significant life quality improvement in my patients and I am so grateful for these achievements.

Maria Kolesnikova
Maria Kolesnikova

When you receive your medical degree it seems that you are a super doctor and can handle any disease. But in practice it turns out to be completely different and the standard-based medicine does not always give us such opportunities.

The moment when I realized that I cannot fully help my patients led me to discover anti-aging medicine and Anti-Age Expert School. This is, first of all, about understanding and solving the internal problems of the body, normalizing and restoring the activity of each organ and system, due to which the life expectancy is increased (by neutralizing a whole set of “harmful” factors,  hormonal imbalance, lack of vitamins and microelements and much more) and the life quality improved (both in physical and psychological, sexual and other aspects).

I really enjoy it when my patients, who have been waiting for a baby for a long time, get the desired result, become happier, find the meaning of their life and the desire to work and move forward.

Alvina Sergeeva
Alvina Sergeeva

Anti-age Expert school completely changed my life, as well as the lives of many of my patients. 

If earlier people came to sanatorium treatment to maintain their health, now they receive a full range of examinations and treatment not according to standards, but based on personalized programs.

So, we identify not only the cause of a particular dysfunction, but also the initial metabolic changes in all systems and organs.

Now we are diagnosing oxidative stress, the profile of fatty acids, the level of neurotransmitters - adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine, the hormonal profile, markers of malignant oncological diseases, markers of inflammatory processes in internal organs, the level of concentration of heavy metals in the body and many other markers.

Aging is also a disease. And the process of slowing it and making it comfortable is now in our hands!

Ludmila Zabolotskaya
Ludmila Zabolotskaya

Health, Harmony and Beauty are the three basic pillars of each person. The integrative approach and the advanced methods of biomedicine and anti-age medicine allow me to activate the internal mechanisms of a patient's self-healing in a short time as well as to launch the natural potential of the body's rejuvenation, vitality, energy and beauty !

It’s a big pleasure to see my patients joyful, balanced, full of strength, radiating Light and Love!

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